In recent decades people are increasingly alienated from nature, knowledge that has been around for years has disappeared completely.  So also the knowledge about the moon.

Nowadays almost everyone is focused on visible, the literal influences. Such as a volcano eruption or bomb attack. But there are many things we can't see that affect us, from phone radiation to gravity.   Most of what we see is only a few percent of what really is there. The electromagnetic radiation of the moon causes tides to change and affects all forms of life on  earth during the different moon states and phases.

Everything in nature is based on sound, vibration and rhythm. Trees, plants, animals and planets are connected by invisible rays.                                            To me,  the moon has a mysterious unreachable appearance and is a source of many stories and fantasies. She is a direct connection to another universe. And at the same time so connected to ours. I think nature is super intelligent and sometimes we forget how it works. Only a few people still have knowledge of the rhythm and the influences of moon phases on earth.

The title of the documentary, Edda, means grandmother in ancient Norwegian, this name is used in Celtic mythology to indicate the moon. It is derived from the word 'veda' which means 'meaning'. Where most people are distanced more and more from nature, there are also people who go back to nature and use the old knowledge again.

In this documentary I follow some of them, in this way I hope to restore a little of the old knowledge in a poetic and visual way.